Photography / Helen Nishi      Model / Eliana Rodriguez      Stylist / Julia Ehrlich      Hair & Makeup / Danni Katz

This season, Sophie Monet introduces Fragments.
“I’ve always been drawn to how abstract artists represent love and human figures. I wanted to try and do the same.”

Inspired by cubism and the abstract works of Pablo Picasso (most notably Figures by the Sea), Joan Miró, and Alexander Calder, Fragments lends a new modern twist to Monet’s signature wood medium. Comprised of new flat surfaces and three-dimensional shapes, the collection was designed to be complementary—with curvature and angles fitting in a truly romantic fashion. 

With romance being the driving reference point, the use of fragmented shapes bring Monet’s interpretation to body and face, pairing large pearls with unexpected lanky wood frames and hollow rings that are both abstract and dimensional. Driving the theme of the collection home, this season the designer used stones including rose quartz, pearls, and pink coral to represent unbridled beauty, purity, and a coming of age.